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Okay guys this is the first post. Since I had to do an about me section as well I figured I would get two birds with one stone! This post can be found in the about me tab up top. But if you don’t want to click it here goes:

As of late, I have been writing a lot of bios about myself. From my new job in Dell, as a Brand Evangelist, to my job with Studio IL, as a producer. All the bios have been tailored to a degree to match what I was writing for. This doesn’t mean my other bios were not true they just didn’t really cover the entire story of who I am. So let’s correct this here.

I am a son God and a follower of His Son. I have 2 children and I have been married to my lovely wife since 2002. For the last couple of years I have been working at Dell as an Inside Sales Rep. I was just recently promoted to the Social Media Marketing Department for the K-12 arena. My passion of technology helps me at my job at Dell. This is a love my father has put into my heart when he brought home a Tandy TRS-80… yes I am that old.

My other love is gaming. I began working with the group Studio IL (http;//www.studioil.com) around January 2009. We have managed to put out two iPhone games at the time of this writing. My hopes are that the team will solidify and grow and continue to produce.  Along with Studio IL, I have done work for several other companies such as GarageGames (Now called Torque Powered) and a lot of work for several different local Austin,TX gaming companies. I have been in the gaming scene for quite sometime and I owe a great deal of my gaming success to Jay Moore (http://www.linkedin.com/in/jdmoore). Even more so he has help me develop professionally overall.

My newest passion (and one you will get to take the ride along with me) is in the education industry. As my first child is on her way to the second grade, I am becoming more and more active in the school system. Both my parents were extremely involved in my life. My mom knew every teacher I had and she made sure each of them were giving her baby the right amount of attention! In other words, my mom knew everyone and I could not miss-behave or I would get a spankin’ from both my mom and dad. Now I carry that passion my mom has instilled in me and I am in close contact with my daughters school system. Now that I work with the k12 sector at Dell I get the chance to go further!

So that’s all there is to me at this point in my life. I hope you like what you read and I hope I inspire you along the way.

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