No one wants a jacket made for your legs!

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Today is Valentines Day, or well it was when I started writing this. On this day my family and I had a day lined up with several different business that were suppose to give us service, to make our day of love fly off with out a hitch!

SPOILER ALERT: That didn’t happen.

This is why I am writing this blog. To let all the companies out there know that I don’t want a new product. I just want a team that will backup what ever they say their product will do. No one wants a jacket made for your legs, they just want a company they can depend on when they get cold. So let me tell you about my day….

It started off with a visit to the doctors office. My wife and I came up with the nick name of “Mr. Happy” for the doctor. If any area of business needs to improve its service its the family doctor. Sick people are more than people just complaining about something funny they feel in their snuff box. They are people who have come to you because they believe you have the answer to help them. And the service you provide will be informative and helpful. “Mr Happy” was obviously not so happy to be working on Valentines Day… like I am sure all the people he saw were happy to be sick on said day. Every word and phrase jumped from his mouth with a hurried sense. Backed up by short answers that really had no care behind them. I would hate to get bad news from this guy, as I am sure it would be crushing. My wife is fine by the way. My point here is the doctor could have handled it better. He should have offered more detailed answers and not have¬† treated us like numbers. He shouldn’t have herded us through the process and hurried us out of the door. My wife and I have left doctors before for bad service. Even during a time of bad news. There is a Good way to share bad news. All it takes is a little more passion about what you do. If you don’t enjoy being a doctor then don’t be a doctor.

From there we went to Best Buy. If you know anything about the Best Buy guys they are not paid on commission. Which means if they are willing to pay you attention and answer your questions, they have a passion for what they are doing. This guy Thomas (real name) made an impact on me and ultimately changed my thought process on what I wanted to buy. He sat my entire family down and had a 30 minute talk and demo of many different pieces of sound equipment. It was clear he was not speaking from a manual or training guide. It was also clear that he was not looking at his watch or just waiting to get out of work at the end of the day. This gentleman told stories as to why he felt which product was the best and backed it up with facts and figures. I am willing to bet that when Thomas goes home that his “out of work” chat is around sound system design or something close. Thomas had the chance to walk away many times,¬† especially with me working to keep my 2 year old from destroying the place, but he didn’t. We have not bought anything yet from Best Buy. But our decision will highly rest on the bit of knowledge and service provided by Thomas.

Well let me wrap this up. Just remember finding passionate people to work in your business is the NEW yet old key to success. Back before technology and number pushing, it was all about passion for what you sold. We have lost that and replaced it with mediocrity and the bottom line. Just imagine if this blog was popular and I had more than 2 people reading it (not including my mom) A large number of people would see that Best Buy has great service and would want to partake in that! Not just people who can push product.

Passion = Good Service

Are you passionate about what you do for a living?

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