Surrounding yourself with like minded people

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Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.


Today while I was working and chatting with some friends, I brought up some game design ideas. Turns out that one friend had the same idea and had actually started working on it. We started talking about it and now a new project is now in the works. It made me think just how important it is that you have to have the right people beside you.

Now don’t go thinking that you should surround yourself with just “Yes Men” as you will surely fail when someone tells you its a good idea to make a game about dirt! Having people who think differently and people who think alike are equally as important to getting a decision made. If the people are in a team with you, you need to make sure they are there for your success as well as their own. 

I have a few people in my life who take a valued interest in my success. And there are on both sides of the coin as far as thought process go. There is obviously my family, wife and kids, who want me to do well. And then some close friends of mine who think very differently from me, but still want me to genuinely succeed. My wife will be the first one to stand up and tell me how dumb my idea was to make a dirt simulator video game! She thinks different than I do when it comes to my hobby of game development. She plays different games and likes certain things about games that I don’t care for. Yet here view is very important to me and my goals. I count on her opposing heartfelt opinion to help guide me to a better product in the end. Besides if I don’t agree she want make me that meatloaf I love so freaking much! 🙂

My friends I make games with have a similar thought processes like mine. We play the same games and like the same things in games.  When we get together to plan out a game or design a feature we hear this phrase:”Man, I was just thinking the same thing!” This comes in handy as we try and move projects along. Being able to see someone elses vision as your own counts a lot.


To sum it all up you have to have like minded people on both sides of you. The like minded part comes in mind when we talk about moving you forward in achieving your goal. If you align yourself with a team, make sure that there is a team goal to achieve success and that each member wants to see the other succeed as well! One last key is that the people around you should always motivate you to do what is right and move forward! What types of people do you want in your team and how does it effect what you do be it education game design or parenting?

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