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Making Moves at Round Rock Jelly – The Donald Harris

The Donald Harris

Making Moves at Round Rock Jelly

What is this “Jelly”?

Jelly is an every-so-often casual coworking session (we’re shooting for weekly in Round Rock.) Anyone is welcome to come and bring your laptop, art supplies, or whatever, and work alongside other creative, fun people.

From http://wiki.workatjelly.com/JellyInRoundRock

I went to my first Jelly meeting and had a blast. I have been wanting to make a vlog for a while now since Wayne Sutton encourage me to at SXSW. Here is the video log that tells about my experience there enjoy!

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  1. onelove567 April 7, 2010

    Modile advo is the future.. now a days everyone is either attached to their mobile phone or laptops. Just look at what Cisco Systems is doing to the bussiness world, you can meet face to face without even moving from place to place… hell if I wanted I could even have an early conference meeting while taking a morning breeze without being late to work.. Idk why some people are still living in the stone age and with the economy still at a stand still, why would anybody ever deny a new marketing strategy. Great blog Mr. Harris… loving the crazy eyes =D

  2. Wayne Sutton April 7, 2010

    Totally agree, “you have to go where your customers are.” Nice to see the video.

    Good job.


  3. Donald Harris April 7, 2010 — Post Author

    Thanks for the support guys. Onelove you are right times are changing!

  4. Jas April 10, 2010

    While I agree that, in these times, a company not having a presence in the social media arena is a bad idea, that doesn’t mean that the arena itself is inherently a good idea. Yes, connecting with your customers is good, but seriously, is the world fundamentally *better* with the advent of the myspaces, the facebooks, and the twitters? That’s the problem I have with them. 😛

  5. Donald Harris April 10, 2010 — Post Author

    Thanks for the comment Jas and yeah I do see your point about it not being so good for the world but there to I tend to disagree. Take for example the recent earthquake that hit in California. Before I even knew the earthquake hit I knew my friends were okay, because they were tweeting about the quake. Technology like these still help me stay connected and I think thats a good thing. Yes there is a dark side. When you invite the world into your home via a tool like facebook myspace and the like you have to take precautions.

    Broken marriages (do to hooking up on facebook) Kidnappings (Predators everywhere) and so on I see that to. But that is the same junk that is out there in the world already. 🙂

  6. Jas April 14, 2010

    And that’s definitely a good use for it, but there are plenty of other mediums through which you could have been contacted. It just seems like new mediums or technologies are being created just for the sake of being created. We’re being inundated with all these fads that promise a new way of communicating and staying in touch, or getting our voices heard. Heck, I don’t even use an instant messaging app anymore (maybe nobody does), and I don’t miss it at all. I thought I needed Trillian to give me a completely integrated contact list from MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ so I could be contacted by any of my friends in the most efficient way I knew. A funny thing happened though: nothing!

    I think we’ve had this conversation before, but do you really think all your MySpace or Facebook buddies actually care? I mean real, true caring. Call me a skeptic (I am), but I think it’s real easy for people on social networks to pretend they care. A quick reply to a tweet or post is apparently much more compassionate than a phone call to actually hear someone’s voice. Or so we think..

    Anyway, I’m not trying to say that none of your online buddies are real friends. And now that I think about it, we’ve definitely had this conversation before. 😀

  7. Donald Harris April 14, 2010 — Post Author

    You say that these things are fads and new. The same could be said about television back in the day or even radio before that. They were a fad that caught on and now they are an essential tool to marketers. All the business who wanted to tap into that fad and got there commercials on the air quickly. These fads will come and go like the new paper and magazine are on their way out. With the rush of the internet dominated the “print” medium. I will put this in another view. Look at the electric car engine. That’s a fad… new… not very popular. However EVERY major car manufacture making one now. Because the customer (the person who has the money) has bought that fad and they want to be cool and green. That’s what I am saying as a business we are a slave to the public. If they want electric engines we give it to them. If they want a new way to communicate and share with like minded people we give it to them. And the business not clever enough or either the ones that don’t provide those services better be ready to advertise there.

    Now on to the point about people actually caring…. a more personal use of social media. Yes I do think people care. I have my mom on some of my social networks and I think she truly cares if her grandbaby has the sniffles and is not sleeping well at night. I have people who I consider to be real friends that I have never met before. They may not be in my most inner circle but I do know if I had a need they would help me out. Also full disclosure here, you are talking to someone who met and married over the internet.

    I think its just one of those things were we as the human race are redefining ourselves through technology. The way we work, play, and communicate are constantly changing.

    On another note, I have got something in the mail today that is going to make me write up a post on TRADITIONAL networking and follow through. Ideally I want to have it up tonight….ideally.

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