School Report Cards Only Got Me in Trouble!

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Hey everyone. I just got my daughters report card and it made me think about a few things. Holy smokes my daughter is brilliant (just like her dad) and I wonder how parents on the average treat the report card.

My parents were great and they got very involved in my school work. But now as a parent I have seen several examples of what not to do with a report card. I have seen several parents use the report card as a tool of punishment. “If you bring home an F you can kiss the Xbox good bye!”

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At my day time job I spend countless hours thinking about ways to help educate teachers on increasing student engagement. The idea basically is that the more we have the kids engaged the more they learn. But what happens when they head home? Does the engagement stop? Parents need to continue the education when the kids are at home by more than just asking what did you do in school.

Here are some tips I live by and these are somethings I encourage you as a parent to do with your children:

Establish a relationship with your child’s teacher: This person is going to spend more time with your child awake in month than you do. You should know what this person is like and get to know them to help them achieve the common goal…educating your child! Exchange emails phone numbers and what ever else. Doing this will help you understand and talk more freely about your child as two friends talking about someone they both care about. I feel truly blessed in the relationship that I share with my child’s teacher and I feel that she honestly cares about my child. The same also goes for the negative, if the teacher is not up to your standard then you will have a better understanding and trust when your child says the teacher is not reaching out to him/her. It’s all about communication here!

Learning is a family event!

Don’t wait for the report card you lazy bum! Get involved on a daily basis work through homework with your child. Don’t send them to the study and let them work alone. Sit beside them and work with them. The child needs your support and needs to know they can come to you for help. This will be much easier later in life if you establish this bond now. I had one instance where I could not get my child to understand a certain math problem. But because I was sitting with her and working through it AND I had the relationship with her teacher I was able to call her for help. As it turns out the teacher had not even address this in class yet, we were a bit ahead. 🙂

Take action on the report card don’t punish: If you follow the other two rules you should have seen this report card coming a mile away. Take the report card as guidance for your child’s life style. Take action on changing your child’s life style and your own. My daughter was struggling in math so I made everything into a fraction question. My daughter is a gamer like me, I bought her Scribblenauts which is a vocabulary game that the player must spell in order to win.

These are a few simple things I did for my child that has help her succeed. I think they are rather generic and hopefully can be applied to your life and your child. Again thank you so much for taking the time to read this I really do appreciate it!

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