Old School Networking in the Social Networking Age

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Hand writen and everything!

Hand written and everything!

I got this letter after meeting with someone who was seeking advice on how to get into the games industry. After speaking with him for about 2 hours and telling him that he has to be certifiably insane to want to be in the industry, I got this note a few days later. It made me feel really good and really appreciated. I wanted to point this out as this is a tactic I use as well. I often send notes of thank you when I speak with someone who takes the time to give me guidance. It’s just like your mom always said, “Say thank you!”. And it’s just that simple.

I wanted to put this quick note up for two reasons.

1. I am always chatting about Social Networking and I wanted to cover something more traditional and relevant.

2. I have a few naysayers that follow the blog and I wanted to make sure they know I understand the more traditional methods of building a relationship.

I think the next post will be around the gaming industry as I have not really spoken about that yet on the blog and I have been busy at work on my game development. Also Thanks for reading this post 🙂

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