The IGDA Picnic Austin 2010 and the Opprotunity You Missed!

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So it’s been a little while since I have made a post. I have been pretty busy with this new job which means I have been doing a lot of travel and have been trying to find the best method of creating content for the site. For now let’s talk about the IGDA Picnic and why you should have been there. If you are taking part in the social revolution that is occurring in business today you have to remember the actual physical social part. Go out and be seen.  At the event I was able to sit and chat with 5 CEO’s, developers, and artist from several different gaming companies. Events like these that are held by your local IGDA chapter are usually low cost and pack with other like minded people that could help advance your career. You have to get out from behind the computer and network as well.

My company InstantAction sent me there to network with other organizations and also to build and solidify current relationships. The key issue that I am trying to drive home in this post is to stop being lazy. Get out there and network as well. Yes Twitter is good, yes facebook is the best ever, and yes Linkedin Rocks your Socks. Just don’t forget to actually get the face to face ops as well. The next event I am headed to is Casual Connect in Seattle if you are in the business of making casual games you should be there. Make your dreams come true by putting in the work.  That’s it for now on this short rant. I will record as much video as I can and keep it going to the Youtube channel. I also want to say thank you for watching!!!

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