Casual Connect A Week in Seattle

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Well I survived my first Casual Connect. It was a very busy week for me as we had a ton of meetings to participate in, more news about that will come out later this year. The focus I wanted to have on this blog is why is it important to attend an event such as Casual Connect? I had a bunch of opportunities just by being at the event and meeting everyone who was there. I know it can be costly to travel but you have to go in with the mindset of being able to off set that cost with generating business. As a single developer or a small studio you have to look at this as an investment into your team and future.

The first day was filled with setup and prep for our business meetings. I didn’t even get the chance to shoot good video on day one. Once Tuesday rolled around and the meetings began with NDA early in the morning it was apparent how awesome this trip would be. After that meeting was done we raced back to the conference to meet up with NDA after which I was pretty tired. In between different speakers in the main room I took some video of the booth and our setup. Check it out here:

As the days continued at Casual Connect I was able to generate more meetings with NDA and even NDA! It was awesome you guys should have been there 🙂 At the same time it was insanely tiring so much so that I was to lazy to get up and get closer to Mich to have better audio on the last recording:

All in all it was great show and I can’t wait to go to more. I hope to see you guys at the next conference. I should be at GDC Online I hope to see you there, I will be hosting a round table on diversity in gaming. I hope to see you there!

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    You know, I really can’t hear Mich. Probably an issue with this computer, since it’s using an onboard Dell speakers (Gods I hate the military’s computer choice), but still, it’s funny. 😉

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