Constantly Maturing in Your Career

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There are times that in your career you will come across a point where you think you have it all figured it out. At that point in time just remember there probably is someone who has done this before and probably has good advice to offer you. Recently, I had the chance to learn something new. Even though it was a small lesson, there was a much larger lesson to learn about it.

With out going into much detail let’s just say I had to take a document that I was presenting to a customer, and take it from “shorts and t-shirt” look to a “Nice Blazer and jeans” look. I looked at the document and thought to myself all the needed information was clearly presented, why would I need to change it? It was explained to me that it’s just like a resume you always have to put your best foot forward. And it was just some simple formating that need to be done to that document to spruce it up.

The message I want to push here is that you have to listen. You should listen to everyone especially to those who have done this job before. HUMBLE yourself and listen to your elders 🙂

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  1. Ryan Hoover |

    You’re absolutely right, Donald. It’s very easy to get blinded in your own work. One should not dismiss someone with fresh eyes and a different perspective, especially if they are more experienced or proven in that field. I’m continually reminded of this from the interactions and feedback I receive from my coworkers and superiors.

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