GDC Online 2010 Wrap Up

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Had a blast at GDC Online this year. As far as work is concerned things went VERY well. Got some good face time with customers and moved some deals forward. It’s always nice to have your Director sitting next to you in a room with a customer if needed 🙂 Obviously most everything that was discuss I can’t share here but keep an eye out on the page for anything new.

As for personal development it was a great conference as well. It was my first time as a speaker at GDC Online. I had a lot of help during and before the round table from Sheri Ray and I want to say thank you to her. You can find out more about Sheri here. The talk was titled “How to create a diverse team, and keep it!” The first thing we notice about the room was that there was not a lot of diversity. In fact the room was mostly 25-35 white males. The good thing was that they came because they are interested and see it needs to be addressed. There was a lot of great ideas presented in the talk, so much so that I think I will be post another blog post later in the week to keep the discussion going.

And of course the after parties were awesome. I think on one night I made it through 5 different parties. One thing I have to say. If its a conference after party just try and be the sober one. I can’t tell you how much extra info I get simply because I am more sober than those around me. Although there was this one party that it was getting close. Thanks to my great friend Adam for making me eat something 🙂 As for documenting the parties I took a few images but my camera broke… or well my wife’s camera that I got her as a gift broke. And yes I am in trouble for that so enjoy these pics

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