The Phone Arms Race has Begun!

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A few days ago a report surfaced that Sony has a new Playstation phone. This maybe bigger news for the mobile gaming space instead of the mobile phone space. Nintendo has been the king of mobile gaming for a long time. Even though Steve Jobs said that the iPod/iPhone was the number one selling gaming platform. Nintendo is doing its part to innovate by bringing us 3D game play with out the glasses. Sony is bringing us a phone with a REAL controller. And Microsoft is connecting us to our home experience with it’s device as well as a tactile way to interact with the game. These brand new innovations are coming out on the hills of an iPhone iteration which of course gives Apple the chance to sit back and watch what takes off and what fails, but also puts them at a disadvantage. Apple should not create a new iPhone so that users who just upgraded feel alienated and leave to another platform. Maybe Apple could finally approve of a hardware addon to the iPhone? How is Apple going to compete in this new market where the consumer has so many options. Not to be forgotten, how are the developers going to fair with so many platforms to build for? The next 2 years will be a very difficult time for developers and consumers as we will have the many viable options for mobile entertainment. Let the war began!

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