I Want to Say Thank You

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As many of you know my current job at InstantAction has come to an end. I lived a great dream to be able to work at the company I have loved for so long. It’s sad to see it go and to see so many friends with out a job. But I don’t want create a blog that focuses on the negative, there is too much positive to focus on right now. And mainly I want to say Thank You!

I want to say thank you to Eric Preisz mainly for hiring and giving me the opportunity to work along a great team. He gave me the chance of life time and it was a great value to me and something I will never forget. As it turns out, he is a very awesome boss and I mean that with the utmost sincerity. I also want to say thanks to Michael Perry, Derek Bronson, Michael Blenden, Matt Fairfax, and Deborah Fike. There has only been one other job in my life where the people were as passionate as these guys and gals here. These people, whom I consider close friends, will stay with me for ever. I can only hope they thought I was just as passionate about InstantAction as they were. I hope that I get the chance to work with them again some day… and some day soon!

Why am I taking the time to thank these people? Because I consider them friends and not just networking connections. Yup, I am going to turn this post into a business post…. 🙂 Some people consider my network connections pretty large, I am no Gary Vaynerchuk, but I am getting there. However, when I make connections with people I try and build REAL friendships with them. The kind where the people I am connected to actually care about me and I care about them. Competitor or not. As the result of these friendships, I have built over the years, I am seeing an abundance of real concern and connections with many job opportunities. As soon as I announced I was unemployed  5 opportunities were sent my way. These were not the “Hey I saw this on the job board you should look at it” but it was more “Hey sorry to hear you are a bum now, but I have an opening and would love for you to interview”. I even got a phone call asking, “Why the H#LL didn’t you tell me?!” followed by an “ok well let’s get you going again”. I am not sharing this to brag, I don’t think I am some kind of BizDev wizkid, or that my skills are so awesome that people throw themselves at me. I am writing to tell you that if you are in a job and you are making connections, treat them like humans and remember to say THANK YOU to each of them! Be remembered for making each person count and they will remember you as a result of that.

Okay that’s it for now and you know what? Thank you for reading this!

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  1. Chip |

    Hey man glad things are on the up for you!!! Much to talented to be on shelf for to long man.

    Great article man, an article I wish never had to be written, but a good one.

  2. Konrad Kiss |

    Donald, you were an awesome, always cheerful addition to the Torque team as I saw it from the outside.

    It’s a bummer that things turned out this way, but this is exactly the kind of thing I was sure of – that you, and others as well will be very much sought after by lots and lots of companies. The talent pool at TorquePowered and InstantAction is mind-bogglingly professional and awesome.

    And you know what? For some reason, I am excited to see what cool things all these people will begin working on!

    I wish you all the best. And before I forget – thank you. 😉

  3. Alfred Thompson |

    Glad some offers are coming your way. Not that surprised though because you are a truely nice guy. The hard cases may appear to do well but in the long run people want to work with people they like and trust. I look forward to hearing about your new job very soon now. Best of luck. (Wish I had an opening for you)

  4. Donald Harris |

    Thanks guys I do appreciate the kind words. Konrad speaking of the talent pool I am actually hopefully trying to take some of that talent with me to another company. I want to see my friends employed and happy!

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