The Indie Force is Strong in Austin

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Many people have asked why I decided to stay put in Austin when the gaming space is so large in California. I could list a million reasons all dealing with financial issues, however the big reason for me is the indie movement. Yes Austin is known for its indie music scene but the creative talent doesn’t stop there. Austin is home to over 60 game studios both indie and AAA and we have several events every month for games it seems. A few nights ago Austin hosted the Game On event. I decided I needed to get out and mingle a bit and I took along my camera. Please give me feedback on the video! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Dmitri |

    Wow cool! My favorite part of the video was the first five seconds, but the part about the event was good too!
    But seriously, it was well done. Of course the main problem was audio. Though you did well for using the camera mic, you’ll never have good sound until you buy a lapel mic or two. The shooting was good. I thought you framed your subjects well, though having their games in the picture would have made things more interesting.
    For editing, one good thing would be starting the interview with the face of the subject (as you did), then continuing the interview audio over clips of the games you are talking about. That keeps the continuity, but the viewer can see Splosion Man while you are talking about it.
    Way to go Donald!

  2. Donald Harris |

    Thanks for the points! You know what stinks is that I had to use Windows Live Movie Maker. The version that is on Windows 7 has actually less features than the one on XP mainly volume mixing. So I had to do some trickery to get the sound near what I wanted I should have mention that. I wanted to actually do you second point I even recorded B-roll just for that however once I started having sound limitation it was not possible. What software do you use to edit? Any free suggestions?

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