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So today I connected some people in my network to help them work together. So why is this something to blog about? Why is it so important? Why should you be doing it as well? I will tell you why!

So you have a few people following you on twitter and facebook. And you now have a sizable collection of people that you are “linkedin” to. There is more to them than just using them find you your next gig. I have found that one of the best things I have done is to connect my connections. When people ask for help in certain areas you should connect them with someone else in your network. Here are the reasons why this is so very beneficial:

1. It makes you more effective – Your peers in your network will start to see you as a person who can get things done, even if its not something you are proficient in. This is obviously good when it comes to business development and getting new jobs.

2. Solidifies relationships within your network – It’s the ultimate ‘Thank You!’ Giving a web developer or software engineer work by dropping his name equals food on his table and the ability to take of the family. It’s always good to have people connect your name with money.

3. That feel good feeling – I try not to mix feelings with business very often, but there is a lot to be said about helping out a friend. Keep in mind my earlier post about treating each connection as a true friend and you should understand why helping out someone is a good thing.

Now here is something that I should also mention. I have a short list of people who are my go to guys and gals for certain disciplines. I suggest you build a list as well so that when you are talking to someone in person you can quickly name drop the right person. This shows confidence in the person you just suggested and it shows you have a good relationship as well.

My List

Dan McCollum – Game Designer
Glenn Banton – Social Media / Localization
David Hanas – Web Development
Mindaugas Jokubaitis – Art Team(digital art)
Deborah Fike – Project/Team Management
David Higgins – Game Developer/Software Engineer
Greg Holden – Game Developer/Software Engineer

Keep up the relationship building!

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  1. David Hanas |

    Donald – all 3 of your points are right on the mark. I totally agree with you. Being a connector is just as important as being the guy that can do the work. And within your social network, you become known as the go-to person to get something done. BTW: Thanks for the mention!

  2. Marveloper |

    You think and deliver like a champ Donald. I’m ready and willing to learn dude.
    I’m glad to have met you and gotten the chance to watch you do this thing. I can’t wait for my team to meet your team. Let’s get ’em.

  3. Donald Harris |

    I am actually working to pull my closest friends together in one unit to provide social media service for people in the gaming industry at first and then other fields later. Maybe we could get together and make a proposal for you. By the way I know you say you are working on your site, you see the guy who posted above you? Hit him up if you have any issues… seriously!

  4. Joey McGirr |

    It’s so true. I really enjoyed connecting with you today Donald. I’m looking forward to being on that list someday, and as I mentioned earlier, I already have you on my list. =)

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