Upcoming Interview with Paper Child Studios

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Hey guys and gals its that time again. The time were I barge in on teams working hard making games and stop their productivity just to talk to me about how they make games! And just like last time I want to turn to you my readers, and ask that you submit questions. The company this time around is Paper Child Studios they are currently working on finishing there next release Purify Puzzle. So guys and gals if you could please leave some questions in the comment section below and let me know what you want me to ask!

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  1. Deborah Fike |

    Great to see you’re continuing developer interviews, Donald! 🙂 I just realized you were doing this, and I have some reading to catch up on.

  2. marc |

    Donald please help them with their website it is not very inviting. I would not spend alot of time on their site. Also if I am going spend money on that site if they don’t put any effort into their front facing site. Ask the if they are going to spend anytime making their webstie look better!!!!

  3. Dan |

    I have two questions. How did they decide on a game after making the calendar tool? What were the differences in the design, build and test process, if any?

    Do you publish the interviews or do you do a podcast?

  4. Donald Harris |

    Dan I will be posting the interview shortly to the site. In the future once I get this refine I will start doing audio podcast of these. Thanks!

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