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Listen to Your Customers! – The Donald Harris

The Donald Harris

Listen to Your Customers!

Today I posted a link on twitter and facebook referring to the hacker that took an MMO game hostage I also added that I thought the company should pay more attention to their, but some readers took that as though I was supporting the actions of the hacker. This was not the case. My thoughts were that I felt if the company paid more attention to their community this hack probably would not have happened. I know you can not please every whim from your customer base, however if several of your customers are asking for the same things then you should/need to appease them. There are plenty of companies that are showing excelent examples of how to handle and help their community. And one that is just surprising me everyday is Microsoft and its twitter Xboxsupport If you have a xbox follow this crew they are unstoppable. Let’s look at one particular case and break it down on how they are listening and ENGAGING with their community.

Here is a conversation I was following in twitter:

This is how you should do it!

Okay so lets break this down. I will break this down in way so that people who don’t use twitter will understand the full awesome of this post. My friend Chupacaubrey was trying to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 and could not connect. She … expressed her frustration to her entire follower list which is 557 people (potential customers). She did not message xbox directly and she was not really saying anything pleasant at all. However on the next message we see Microsoft’s Xbox Support team jump into the conversation. They were Actively Listening to their community. Meaning they must have search terms going for negative sentiment towards the word xbox. I could go into further detail but that will be a later post. Now from this point on they go into a dialogue of troubleshooting and blah blah… the meat of THIS post is in the first two messages. Microsoft is now controlling this negative experience before she would even call tech support or continue to spread negative messages to her friends. As you can see she turn off her xbox in frustration and I am sure she could have continued to say negative things about MS and there live network. But now the tables have turned, the team is in action fixing the issue. Even if they don’t fix it think about this: She did not even get the chance to call tech support! If you can’t see the awesome in that, then you need to close your doors and stop doing business now. Also note one very important thing. This entire conversation was public. They didn’t go behind a closed door to fix the issue. Let me know what you think?? Can they keep this up? Is this feasible for every business?

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  1. Konrad Kiss January 18, 2011

    Back in 2001 I was in their shoes. Almost. A hacker contacted me with information about how to hack our bank’s payment gateway to acquire as many tokens to play our game as many he wanted to.

    But he also noted, that he loved the game and understood that this would not do us any good, so he asked me for my thoughts on the situation.

    I asked him to document the method in detail without providing his personal details so that I can ask the bank to fix this problem asap, and in return I’d give him dozens of codes that he could play with for a long time and also invite friends.

    He kept his end of the bargain and I kept mine. I was lucky with the color of his hat.

    I forwarded the information to the bank who have not responded back to me and have not seemed to fix the issue for years. This was an inter-European bank. It got bought a few years ago up by the most prestigious Italian bank who bought the company for their Internet gateway solution. I wouldn’t be surprised if the system would still be vulnerable.

    So who do I side with? I’m not sure I have much sympathy for a company who does not treat security and customer data seriously in a professional manner (such as this bank used to).

    But I also believe that – in this case – it’s a criminal act and should be handled as such.

    If it was me, I’d put all of them behind bars.

  2. Donald Harris January 18, 2011 — Post Author

    Yea they are both equally as wrong!

  3. orb January 24, 2011

    I’ve got Halo Connect and FastSpring following me. I don’t really play any Halo games (traded in for other violent fun), but it’s nice to see them care. Same with FastSpring, who are always helpful, from what I can see (it’s actually their CEO following me).

    Hackers who interrupt business are possible to prosecute in most reasonable countries, so that’s exactly what you should do if an unethical hacker shows up. Whitehats are generally more useful, and potential hires 🙂

  4. Donald Harris January 24, 2011 — Post Author

    Yup CEOs getting back in touch with customers is just what every company needs. CEOs need to understand ever level of the business. Other companies need to start looking at what these new methods of engagement and change the way they do business. Also Thanks for posting man!

  5. How To Become A Hacker July 10, 2013

    I do trust all the ideas you’ve introduced in your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are too quick for newbies. Could you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

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