Welcome Back GarageGames!

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Today GarageGames announced a comeback. The company formerly known as GarageGames, then formerly know as InstantAction, then oddly called TorquePowered is now back… as GarageGames. They have not announced who is the owner of the company just yet, but they have announced Eric Priesz as the CEO. Another very┬ánoticeable change to GarageGames is the price point. The 3d tool set has dropped to $99 USD which is considerably less than their rival Unity 3d. GarageGames has an old and loyal community that will follow this comeback and help move the brand back out into the spotlight. I am willing to bet you will see price moves from Unity this year in order to try and put more pressure on GarageGames. Needless to say this will be an interesting year for middleware providers and users. What do you think of the comeback of GarageGames?

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  1. orb |

    I knew something was up, thanks to various hints (and people who are bad at hiding good news :). The new bosses have actually appeared on IRC multiple times, and make good use of the forums.

    The new overlords are nothing like the previous bunch of tossers ­čÖé

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