A New Day

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Well it seems like a new day has arrived for me. I have been through quite a few changes in the last few weeks. From running my own business with a business partner to now working for a company based out of New Zealand. The main role I will have with this new organization is to develop more business opportunities in America. So you may start so see changes in what I post here as well as what I speak about on twitter. It will still be game focused and business related. I want to thank everyone for keeping up with me this far through my little journey.


Pretty soon I will be headed to Casual Connect and Comic-Con. If you will be out at these events I would love to meet up with you. Fair warning I may geek out a bit though at Comic-Con since it will be my first. Anyways I will try and keep up the blog a bit more and also start creating more Youtube videos.

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  1. Chip |

    So happy to keep seeing good things happening to you. Congrats man on the new job!

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