Intel AppUp and Tizen and Jolie O’Dell

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So I am just getting settled in from my recent trip to Seattle. I went there to attend the Intel AppUp Elements Conference. It was a small conference, maybe about 500 or so attendees. While there, we discussed the migration of the AppUp App Store to a new platform called Tizen. I won’t get into a technical explanation of what AppUp and Tizen are, mostly because I am not an engineer. What I will say, from a business standpoint, is that this is another opportunity to develop and spread your brand to another audience. Right now, that audience is a bit on the small side when comparing it to other app stores. However, Intel seems to be really behind this effort and they are investing a lot of money, time and tools into it. They have set a lofty goal of 6M users by September of next year which is HUGE, considering that they currently have only 300k users. I personally plan on keeping an eye on this platform to see where it goes with the new ultra-books and embedded platforms of the future.


Before reading this next portion listen to Jolie O’Dell’s speech here


I was sent to The Elements Conference in Seattle to seek out business opportunities. While there, I had some time to take in some sessions. One session stood out the most to me. The one that was given by Jolie O’Dell was about how technology is being use to impact the social good.


Imagine this soft spoken voice basically calling you out and saying that all you work on and are passionate about is garbage. I think after the first few well written lines of her speech people quickly realized that this was not the message they thought they were going to hear. The long and short of her speech was that we, the developers, have the power to change the world with this magic we call technology. And we have the responsibility to do so.


Her message was great and I loved it. However, her delivery was crap. If you are trying to get people to join your cause and “do the right thing” you probably shouldn’t start off by telling them that the stuff they love and are passionate about is garbage. Also don’t follow it up by listing other companies who are better than us because they do “x”. At one point in time she said that about 90% of the room were Atheist, which further shows the amount of assumption that had been put into her speech.


At first, I was getting into her speech. But then I felt like I was being yelled at and called a bad atheist… even though I consider myself to be a good Christian. So then this thought came into my mind… “Jolie why don’t you do what you are telling us to?” It started to bother me so much that by the end of her speech I went up to her and asked that very question. Her reply? “Oh, I don’t think my bosses would appreciate it.” — FAIL! You can’t yell at people and tell them they are not doing the “right” thing and then never give them a resolution as to how to do the “right” thing. And then to not even be practicing your own advice, that is just hypocrisy at it’s best.

Anyways, I would love to hear your opinion…

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