The Year of Projects


Last year was a great year for me business wise. Things got dicey in the middle which left me parting ways with a company I helped start. I finally settled with a company that I am extremely happy with both challenge wise and work/life balance wise. I had to really put my nose to the grindstone in order to get ramped up as things started moving fast and I was off traveling and representing the company about a month in. All in all I think I have found the company that I can see myself working for a long time into the future. That was a major life goal: Finding the perfect job. I have completed that. Now on to 2012….

These aren’t resolutions, mind you. These are objectives for this year. First is my personal health. I am currently working towards getting to a goal weight of 299 lbs. I know you maybe asking yourself, “What does this have to do with business?” Being a healthy weight helps your appearance, and sometimes, as fickle as it is, first impressions can be all about looks. Also being healthy enough to network a room and not get winded or tired is also beneficial to business. I have had more than one person that I look up to in the industry advise me on this. So here is my advice to you: Lose weight and get fit for business.


The next goal for this year is to help my company develop a new product that we are bringing online a little later this month. Can’t really talk about it much here, but you can check the company blog in the near future. The good thing for you is that this product is still focused on marketing and business development, so I will be able to share learning experiences with you here. There is always the goal of growing the business and creating more revenue so that goes with out saying.


The other goal is to write more. I took a long break from this blog in order to get things on the job setup and squared away. I find that writing more helps with several things. Most importantly it helps me learn the lessons I just experienced. Secondly it helps me connect with many different people around the world, which is good for business! Also I need a place to express my views 🙂


The last goal is to challenge mentally. I have always wanted to get involved in the Maker Community of hacking and building creations. I have always had little projects I worked on at home as a side hobby to gaming and business. And now this year I am going to explore that fully by building at least two projects from start to finish. I doubt I will post it here since they wont deal with business. However, if I learn something business-wise from the experience, I will share it with you.


Well, I will end this post here. Ideally you will read a lot more from me and see a little less of me 🙂

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