Stop Wishing and Start Doing!


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In this blog, which I update so often and regularly (not), I often talk about different business tactics or what is going on in my business of choice… which is game development. One of the things I rarely talk about is motivation. When I tell people what I do I often get this comment, “I wish I could do that!” or “I wish I had a job I enjoyed.” Now before I go into this, I know that the economy is not the best and finding a job period is challenging. With that said however, sitting there wishing you had something will get you no where.



You need to start doing what you want to do instead of sitting there and wishing it to happen. I have worked very hard to get to where I am in my career. I realized, while working at another job, that I only enjoyed that job for the money. Once the money left that job I hated it. I wanted more, I wished for something better. Guess what? Nothing happened. After quickly figuring that out I started joining groups and events that carried the same interest in what I wanted to do… video games! Luckily I already live in Austin, so I had a bit of an advantage as the city boasts a very active game development community.

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While still working at the other job, being a husband, and a father, I started working to develop teams and make games. Even though the games we ended up creating were not blockbusters we did one thing… we made a game! At that point I started DOING instead of wishing! Then because of this base work I had done I know had a foundation to get into the job I really wanted. Soon after that I was able to leave that job and start my career in games, which is still evolving today. I created this post not to bash people but ideally to help encourage them into getting up and changing their life. You only get one shot on this planet, don’t waste it wishing for something better. Make a plan, set your goals and start DOING.

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