How Do You Define Yourself?

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A while back I had to go through an exercise of labeling several people and putting them into certain buckets based on their skill set and the needs of the project. The interesting thing is we already had internal labels. The project we were signing them up for had different labels. Internally we called the people who manage the project, producers yet the project would label that person as a Development Director. It was interesting as the people we were reviewing had a vast amount of history and had done many different jobs in their chosen field. As we moved through the process 3d Artist became 2d concept artist and game play engineers were moved into the tools category. I know these people have the skills to kick butt in any of these roles, just as I could produce or go back into business development.  I started to think about my resume as my name was coming up on the list. I like production and I am trying to make my way into this field and gain as much experience as possible. Yet I have done many other things – Talent Acquisition – Business Management – Business Development – Social Media Marketing. Now my title is Project Manager, which is a producer. So a few questions started to pop into my mind. What do these titles tell people who look at my resume? Am I using the right titles in the first place? How do other define themselves – not the people who call themselves a something Ninja… So how do you define yourself?

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