No More Gatekeepers

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I had this post in draft for a while. I wanted to finish this thought on salesmanship before I forgot it. I am longer focusing on sales in my career path but I wanted to share this with you. So I wanted to cover the topic of gatekeepers and how things have changed with them. Now that sales man and women can access the people they want directly, your strategy should change to fit this. I want to share some tips on how I am doing business in this post gatekeeper world.

Ideally since you can go directly to the target you will be in a more cold environment. So to over come this I try and make sure that I am direct to the point. I also make sure I have a call to action in the first correspondence. It should go with out saying to make this also very relevant to what the target is going through. If you know they are starting a new project where your service could benefit, make sure and bring that up. Make sure and do as much research as possible before reaching out. With all the tools we have its super easy to blast a large number of targets blindly.

With tools like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ we can gain a lot of insight as to what is going on in the world of the person we want to speak with. Check out their past tweets and recent job changes on Linkedin. Get to “know” them before you even send the first message. The last thing you want to do is reach out to the person and not have much to talk about other than what you are trying to push them to buy. Think of it as building a relationship.

When you have done your research and have a good understanding of who the person is. Make your move! I find twitter is one of the best ways to start reach out to CEO, VPs and other high level execs. It’s less personal than facebook and feels less “sales like ” than Linkedin. Twitter helps me build relationships with people. Now this may be difficult for you if you have been using twitter as a more personal account.¬† If twitter is out then go through Linkedin again, keep in mind that you are building a relationship and you are not just trying to close the deal quickly. I have found that Facebook connects are more difficult as Facebook is more typically used for friends and family and than business. Keep the first short and to the point, make sur

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