#Molyjam 2012 Update


So everyone is busy at work and getting designs and assigning themselves to different teams. I will be documenting the process through video and pics. The pictures can be found here. I will be uploading the final video for the event to my youtube channel here. Good luck to everyone!

A New Day

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Well it seems like a new day has arrived for me. I have been through quite a few changes in the last few weeks. From running my own business with a business partner to now working for a company based out of New Zealand. The main role I will have with this new organization is to develop


Welcome Back GarageGames!

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Today GarageGames announced a comeback. The company formerly known as GarageGames, then formerly know as InstantAction, then oddly called TorquePowered is now back… as GarageGames. They have not announced who is the owner of the company just yet, but they have announced Eric Priesz as the CEO. Another very noticeable change to GarageGames is the price


Listen to Your Customers!

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Today I posted a link on twitter and facebook referring to the hacker that took an MMO game hostage I also added that I thought the company should pay more attention to their, but some readers took that as though I was supporting the actions of the hacker. This was not the case. My thoughts